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You want individual nail design, but you don't have a clue how to do that? Spare that trip to a professional nail designer and download this app instead!

With our brilliant nail design app, we'll give you illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to apply enamel to get that perfect style. Now you can design your own individual nails, that no professional could do better, at minimal cost.

Plus, the app gives you a list of tools you need for every style, where to buy them and even which brands especially qualify. Now, there's nothing in your way of getting a perfect style for your nails!

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About us

The idea of creating an own app appeared to me on a train ride with such miserable internet connection that the documentation of xCode unavoidably had to serve as reading material. And with that the first idea for an app was born: Mia with a fake button, a dice game with a cheating mode.

In the meantime, there is whole team sitting behind the apps, developing more than 100 apps for iPhone and iPad and uploading them into the iTunes Store. Even in the Android world you can find some gimmickry. Whether there’s a virtual pet living in your mobile phone, football gamblers competing against each other and the results, paper plane instructions being used in a restaurant, serving the perfect Sunday breakfast egg or filling your brain with some not so unnecessary knowledge, the apps are fun and enrich the drab monotony of everyday life. Regular Top Ten rankings in the App Store, right up to #1, show that the ideas have the finger on the right pulse.

The creative head behind the Lochmann Apps is Benjamin Lochmann, who is known to be a passionate computer programmer and at the same time the CEO of the Benjamin Lochmann New Media GmbH.